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Maison Margot "Asks the Artist": Paperboy

July 22, 2020 3 min read

We are thrilled to have added yet another talented design house to our list of brands. Paperboy wallpaper, founded in 2010 by Victoria Cramsie, designs quirky, amusing and simply fabulous homewares and interiors for children. We're so excited to stock some of their wallpaper, fabric, cushions and lampshades. We thought we'd also go behind the scenes and ask Victoria some questions to find out more about the brand and the inspiration behind their gorgeous designs! Shop the whole collection here.

MM: Hi Victoria, let’s start with you telling us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

Victoria: I grew up in rural Wiltshire, travelled for a few years after graduating and then settled in London for 16 years where I married and had my two boys. I moved to Bath about 8 years ago so that my twin boys could have a carefree experience. It's such a safe and fun city to live in.

MM: When did you first start Paperboy?

Victoria: I started Paperboy in 2010.

MM: And what was the inspiration behind starting your own wallpaper company?

Victoria: I was trying to find wallpaper to decorate my (then) 8-year-old twin boys bedroom but just couldn't find anything that wasn't either tacky, low-quality licensed wallpaper or just too cute and young. I wanted something that would engage them and their imaginations but in colours and a finish that suited my sense of elegance and style.

MM: What did you do before launching Paperboy - have you always been involved in design and illustration?

Victoria: I had worked in sales and then progressed to buying, doing up and then selling on family homes in London. It was great fun until the financial crash of 2008.

MM: Can you run us through the process of creating your beautiful wallpapers?

Victoria: It starts with a germ of an idea. Something that has amused me and that I think might amuse children and their parents too. Then I must do some research to check that I haven't already seen the design somewhere. Collective consciousness is a thing! I then start on the initial drawings. I'm not the quickest at drawing so this is the most painful part of the process for me. Once that's done, the drawings are made into a digital file so that I can manipulate the elements into a repeating pattern. At that point I also start thinking of colouring ideas. Ideas for new colours can come from anywhere. Once I'm happy with how the pattern looks in repeat (in black and white) and I've selected some colour combinations, everything is sent to the printers for them to print some 'strike offs' for approval.

MM: What inspires you when creating a new design?

Victoria: Anything that makes me smile or even laugh out loud!

MM: And how long would you say each fabulous design takes to create?

Victoria: In my head - five minutes. About 6-12 months in reality.

MM: What tools could you not work without?

Victoria: My sense of humour and a pencil.

MM: What do you love most about what you do?

Victoria: The freedom to express my joy through pattern and colour. Knowing that the designs make other people happy too.

MM: What is next for you and Paperboy in 2020?

Victoria: We have created some new personalised dinosaur prints, and we're also working on some new wallpaper designs.

We very much look forward to seeing the new designs when they come out. Click here to shop our brand new collection from Paperboy.

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