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Antique Gold Lamps

We are thrilled to bring these beautiful Antique Gold lamps to our collection - each with a bang on trend animal & a jewel-toned velvet lampshade to match.

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  1. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Giraffe Lamp with Burnt Orange Velvet Shade - Maison Margot
  2. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Flamingo Lamp With Mustard Velvet Shade - Maison Margot
  3. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Elephant Table Lamp With Emerald Green Shade - Maison Margot
  4. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Peacock Lamp With Teal Velvet Shade - Maison Margot
  5. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Pineapple Lamp with Mustard Velvet Shade - Maison Margot
  6. Pre-order
    Antique Gold Acantho Table Lamp With Emerald Velvet Shade - Maison Margot