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  1. Hanging Bee Decoration
  2. Hanging Nutcracker
  3. Glitter Striped Bauble
  4. Deer Scene Glitter Bauble
  5. Pre-order
    Smoked Midnight Honeycomb Bauble
  6. Smoked Midnight Swirl Bauble
  7. Pre-order
    Mystic Grey Swirl Bauble
  8. Pre-order
    Mystic Grey Small Acorn Bauble
  9. Smoked Midnight Large Acorn Bauble
  10. Pre-order
    Mystic Grey Small Teardrop Bauble
  11. Pre-order
    Mystic Grey Large Teardrop Bauble
  12. Pre-order
    Mystic Grey Textured Bauble
  13. Pre-order
    Silver Etched Stag Top Bauble
  14. Pre-order
    Silver Crown Large Bauble
  15. Grey Star Medium Bauble