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Kruger Bed Linen

Kruger features unicorn-horned zebras, giraffes, hummingbirds and a sea of tropical plants, surrounding a towering palm tree. Inspired by a safari adventure that Emma went on, the Kruger design is a must-have for all the maximalists out there.

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  1. Kruger Duvet Cover - Maison Margot
  2. Kruger Standard Pillowcase Pair - Maison Margot
  3. Kruger Oxford Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  4. Kruger White Boudoir Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  5. Kruger Eggshell Boudoir Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  6. Kruger Square Oxford Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  7. Kruger Square Cushion - Maison Margot
  8. Kruger Rectangle Cushion - Maison Margot