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Summer Tableware

Perfect for Alfresco dining, shop our fabulous collection of Summer Tableware now. With mix-and-match ceramic glazed plates, Peacock glasses and colourful cutlery, your table setting will look fresh, exciting and on trend this year.

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  1. Turquoise Crackle Dinner Plate: Seconds
  2. Turquoise Crackle Dessert Plate
  3. Turquoise Crackle Dipping Bowl
  4. Turquoise Crackle Pasta/Soup Bowl
  5. Turquoise Crackle Side Plate
  6. Grey Crackle Dinner Plate - Maison Margot
  7. Grey Crackle Dessert Plate - Maison Margot
  8. Grey Crackle Dipping Bowl - Maison Margot
  9. Grey Crackle Pasta/Soup Bowl - Maison Margot
  10. Grey Crackle Side Plate - Maison Margot
  11. Chevron Placemats set of four - Maison Margot
  12. Peacock Champagne Flute x2
  13. Peacock Champagne Saucer x2
  14. Peacock Gin Glass x2
  15. Peacock Martini Glass x2
  16. Loire Aqua Blue Wine Glass - Maison Margot
  17. Loire Aqua Blue Tumbler - Maison Margot
  18. Loire Smoke Grey Wine Glass - Maison Margot
  19. Loire Smoke Grey Tumbler - Maison Margot
  20. Aztec Bowl - Maison Margot