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Zambezi Bed Linen

The Zambezi design is a new creation, inspired by Emma J Shipley's travels to Botswana and features fantastical elephants in shades of emerald and teal, with accents of peach. It makes for an absolutely stunning bed linen collection and it's reversible too.

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  1. Zambezi Standard Pillowcase Pair - Maison Margot
  2. Zambezi Duvet Cover - Maison Margot
  3. Zambezi White Boudoir Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  4. Zambezi Teal Boudoir Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  5. Zambezi Square Oxford Pillowcase - Maison Margot
  6. Zambezi Oxford Pillowcase - Maison Margot