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Byobu Metallic Wallpaper

  • £175.00
  • £250.00

This luxurious wallpaper is based on traditional Japanese design, printed fully on metallic gold foil which creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere.



Information: This wallpaper comes in a box of 1 roll measuring w48.7cm x h900cm. Printed with eco-friendly inks, this wallpaper is easy to install on any interior wall type, using the classic paste the wall method. As wallpaper adhesive doesn't dry instantly, it allows you to move the wallpaper to match the strips up to eachother.

Care: This wallpaper is washable. Please use a damp sponge to wipe it if needed. If you see any dry ink spots on the sponge, don't worry as this is only excess ink that comes off due to the printing process required to achieve the best colour results. The colours will stay as they should. Always wipe the wallpaper vertically and never apply any kind of tape to the surface of the wallpaper.

Delivery info: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your wallpaper as all the designs are specifically printed for your order. As this is a bespoke order, we're afraid we cannot accept returns. For further information please email us at info@maisonmargot.com.