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World of Wimsett

Cheeky Monkeys in the Library Wallpaper Swatch

  • £1.00

The Original Cheeky Monkey was created for one of designer Freddie Wimsett’s better-known clients. Over the years since, he’s painted them all across the UK, doing a variety of cheeky things, from nicking pocket watches, to nibbling biscuits to smoking suspicious-looking cigarettes.

Everyone’s cheeky favourite, this wallpaper design features Cheeky Monkeys in the Library, doing anything but reading! One is kissing a bust of Queen Victoria, another drinking wine and smoking…something- oh those Cheeky Monkeys! All of the books are humorous variations on real books, most of which Freddie had read over the past few years, such as the “The Power of Tomorrow” “Peace and Peace” by Leo Toasty and “Call Me by My Name”.

This extra wide wallpaper is sure to be a talking point wherever it goes, and is an exact replica of the original painting, from the size down to the colours.