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Planets Wall Stickers

Explore the magic of the solar system with our planets wall stickers! The night sky is brought to life with fantastic repositionable wall decals. The sticker set includes 9 watercolour planets, the sun and a shooting star. Approximate measurements are below:

Sun - 33 cm diameter

Earth - 29cm diameter

Moon - 26cm diameter

Saturn - 45cm wide x 16cm high

Jupiter - 26.5cm diameter

Mars - 20cm diameter

Venus - 16cm diameter

Uranus - 33 cm wide x 18cm high

Neptune - 20.5cm diameter

Mercury - 16cm diameter

Shooting Star - 35cm wide

Planets can also be paired with stars and rockets sticker sets for the full space explorer experience!


This decal set is delivered on a sheet and shipped in a cardboard tube.

Sticker Features:

- Stickers are die cut around the motifs with no white outline so they work on any wall colour

- Matt surface so they look like they have been painted onto the wall surface.

- Stickers are created from Katie's original watercolour paintings so they have really special look

- Easy to apply

Application Instructions:

- Stickers should only be applied to a clean, dry and flat surface.

- Remove stickers from the sheet very carefully when using them for the first time.

- Stickers are repositionable but avoid too much rearranging to ensure they stay put until you wish to remove them.

- Allow at least 4-6 weeks before applying stickers to newly painted walls.

- Stickers are fully removable but please bear in mind they may remove any loose wall paint.

- Apply to walls without rough surfaces, textured plasters, wallpapers and other elements affecting the flatness of the wall surface.

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