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Let's talk trees and houseplants!

December 13, 2019 2 min read

Let’s talk about plants and trees. Christmas trees to be exact! Instagram has been swamped with festive images since pretty much the beginning of November. And don’t get us wrong, we are just as excited about Christmas as everyone else, but weren’t quite ready to take the plunge and put the tree up early. But now we are - this is our Christmas tree weekend!

We wanted to talk to you about trees & houseplants today because a) we LOVE houseplants and b) we have gone and teamed up with the lovely people over at Patch plants. They deliver houseplants and Christmas trees to London addresses (apologies to everyone else up and down the UK) - so if you’re in London and you haven’t got your tree yet then this is definitely for you - read on.

We’ll start with houseplants. We’ve long noticed the trend for indoor greenery making its way back into UK homes, and for good reason. Having indoor plants in your home not only look great, but are a brilliant way of improving air quality. They’re just good for your overall wellbeing. Our personal love of houseplants and all things greenery led on to our obsession with botanical-inspired interiors - we’ve now got a fabulous collection of wallpapers and other soft furnishings to help you create your own tropical look at home. Some of our wallpapers can create that perfect conservatory vibe:

Plant - Let's talk trees and houseplants!

Here’s the Snake plant from Patch looking handsome in
front of our Orangerie wallpaper from Mind the Gap

 Plant - Let's talk trees and houseplants!

The Kentia Palm from Patch stands proudly in front of
the Palm Springs wallpaper from Mind the Gap

Plant - Let's talk trees and houseplants!

The Aglaonema from Patch looks brilliant with the
Japanese Garden wallpaper from Mind the Gap


If you’re apprehensive about wallpapering a whole room, we get that. How about a feature wall? You could add shelving to feature houseplants to recreate the greenhouse/conservatory feel too. Add in anything wicker, glass, brass or metal to complement the lush green foliage of houseplants and you’ve got yourself a green space of calm and beauty.

Moving on to Christmas… Patch have two Christmas tree types to choose from - Nora, the Nordmann Fir, and Fraser, the Fraser Fir.

Plant - Let's talk trees and houseplants!

This is Nora the Nordmann, and she's been the nation’s favourite Christmas tree for years - chosen for her wide, bushy shape, gentle scent and needle retention. She’s non-drop so your floors won’t get completely covered in needles (ouch) - and she’s low maintenance, all she needs is a little drink every few days.


Plant - Let's talk trees and houseplants!

This is Fraser. He's pretty self-sufficient too, the only thing he'd like is a bit of water every few days to stay fresh. He’s a lovely tree, with dense blue-green growth and a rich pine scent. He is tall and slim so perfect for those of you with narrow spaces!


So if you’d like to create a botanical space in your home with houseplants a-plenty, or you’re looking for the perfect Christmas tree, then go on over to Patch and check them out. We’ve got 15% off all things Patch until the end of December - just use code MAISONP15.  Have fun!


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